How do I access an exported class? Is there a better way to save?

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Goal: To save a Fall 2019 Class for future use

I have imported my sp 2020 into fall 2020.  Good to go.

Question: To save a Fall 2019 class, I exported it. Hoping to access it for future use - not this semester.

**Where is it exported to? I clicked on New Export. Looks like it saved to my own computer, but did not open.

Question: Is there a different process I should take to save a course for future use? (Our university is doing a 'clean up' and we are to save our own courses.)

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 @emily_lower  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

It's great that you're planning ahead, and it sounds like you've done everything correctly. The reason you're not able to open the export package directly from your computer is that there is no associated application for it; the export package needs to be imported into a Canvas course—whenever you're ready to use it.

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