How do I contact IT? My canvas account isn't showing my instructors items and I do not want to be dropped

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My teacher has uploaded items in different tabs of my canvas account (Ex... mylab, Zoom) but nothing is showing. I have an exam tomorrow that I will not be able to see. My Professor told me to contact IT for canvas but there is no number. I need to speak to someone so I don't fail my first test or get dropped.

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 @johnny_reyes45  Welcome to the Canvas Community! Instructions for contacting support are in How do I get help with Canvas as a student?  If you don't see a phone number listed there, it means that that is not a service your school provides, in which case you'll want to select the Report a Problem option.

I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right website for you, but I was able to find these contact resources specific to SDCC: Help Desk Services | San Diego Community College District 

All of that being said, it's possible that the reason you're not able to see course content is that the browser you're using to access Canvas is out of date. Check the version of the browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox) with those listed in Which browsers does Canvas support?‌ If your browser is older than those, update as needed.

Good luck, Johnny!

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