How do I create an assessment sheet that an assessor can use for a face to face assessment?

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We are just starting wtih Canvas, so far it's pretty good. 

I'm a bit stuck working out how to create an assessment that is done in class (where the assessor can assess them, but nothing is uploaded by the student. 

I know that we will need to connect it to a rubric to cover the assessment criteria, but I'm not sure how to create an assessment task that the assessor gets the tools to mark them, but the student doesn't need to do anything from within canvas.

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Just create a regular assignment in Canvas and set the Submission Type to "No Submission". After you save and publish, click the "Rubric" button on the Assignment details page.  Configure the rubric as desired.  Then, to evaluate the students, simply open SpeedGrader.  You'll view the rubric and click to assign a score to each component.  Then, you have to type in the final score in the Score field and click Save - it doesn't seem to automatically transfer the score generated by the rubric clicks.  Then, move to the next student.

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