How do I create student groups

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How do I create student groups for group projects in the Assignment section?

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Hello  @mikkelsen ...

You can begin to create your assignment groups via your "People" tab.  Once you have your groups created, then you can assign those groups to a given assignment in your course.  First, start out by creating a group set: How do I add a group set in a course?.  The group set name could be the same as your assignment name...such as "Project #1".  (You can create multiple group sets...each with different groups of students.)  Then, within the group set that you just created, you will then create the groups/teams you want to establish...such as "Blue Team", "Green Team", "Red Team", etc. ... or whatever names you'd like to create.  How do I manually create groups in a group set?.  If you had another project later on in your course, "Project #2", you could create a new group set for that project, and then create new groups/teams within that group set...maybe assigning people to different groups/teams this time around.

Once you have created the group set an the groups/teams for that group set, return to your assignment.  Edit the assignment, and make sure to check the option that this is a group assignment.  You should see an option to select the name of the group set that you created.  This is detailed in the following Guide: How do I add or edit details in an assignment?.

There are additional Guides for you to look at...many of which I didn't link to in my response...but hopefully this will be enough to get you started.

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