How do I enable the New Gradebook?

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I keep getting a message that my gradebook version is ending. The literature says that I must enabe the new gradebook, but nothing tells me how to do that. How do I enable the New Gradebook?

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If you are using the Free for Teachers version of Canvas, then there is nothing you can do for right now. It's not available yet with a Free for Teachers account, but will automatically be made available and enabled on January 18, 2020. At that point, the old gradebook will not be available.

If you are at an institution using the hosted version of Canvas, then the change will also automatically happen on January 18. If you want to change it ahead of time, then you can go to the Course Settings page and switch to the Features tab. There is a feature there for New Gradebook. If you cannot change it, then your Canvas Admin has locked it and you'll just have to wait until January 18 or until they change it (some schools are waiting until the start of the new semester). If it is available for you to toggle, then you can go ahead and switch over.

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