How do I indent and double space paragraphs in dialog box

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For English essays that are timed and to be done online, how do I indent paragraphs and do double spacing while typing the body of my essay?

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Hello ssuresh2 Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  If you are using the Rich Content Editor (RCE) to type text as part of an online assignment, that editor is not the same as writing a document in Microsoft Word, for example.  When you are typing text online, it's being converted into HTML code ... whereas in Microsoft Word, it doesn't do that.  The Tab key, for example, can indent paragraphs in Word, but the Tab key is used for navigation in a web environment.  You might be able to use the Shift+Enter keyboard combination a couple to get the double-spacing you desire, but you will have to play around with that to see if it is what you want.  There are also some options on the top row of the tools of the RCE that increase/decrease indents, but you'll have to play around with those as well.

Finally, I would invite you to check out the response from  @James ‌ in this topic, Rich Content Editor 1.5 Line Spacing.  He does a much better job of explaining all this than I've provided...and it might be of help to you, too.

Please let Community members know if you have any questions...thanks!

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