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How do I set up a BigBlueButton conference for a particular Section and create a Calendar entry for just that Section of students?

I've read about the latest updates with BigBlueButton and Sections and Calendars but can't quite do what I need to. I want to create a new conference in my course, just for a section of students, and then be able to put the event in the calendars of students in that section. But what happens is that, if I create a conference and tick the add to calendar event, it sends the calendar event to all course students, not just the section of students. But if I go to Attendees first and just select the section I want it to receive the BBB event and then return to tick add to Calendar, it removes my section and wants to send to all attendees again.  So it looks like I can't create a BigBlueButton event for a section and add it to their Calendar.

I have found a workaround, in that I can create the BigBlueButton event in my Calendar first and just select the section I want to see it, so they get an event in their calendar but the rest of the course group don't. But doing it that way means I don't get the functionality to enable waiting room, enable recording, make students have mics and webcams on etc that I do get if I create the event in the BBB conference section. Is there a way around this?  Thanks! 

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