How do I turn off the suggested dates for delay posting in announcements?

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Is anyone else trying to delay posting/schedule announcements for their courses and encountering Canvas's autocomplete/suggested dates feature? 

Not only is the design faulty--it just gets in the way of whatever dates you search for--it also is just suggesting dates FROM THE PAST.

I made a screen recording to show what I am talking about: here is a link.

Any tips on how to turn this feature off, or at least how to tell the folks at Instructure that this is not useful feature?  

So to be clear, I am inside a course I am setting up for a future semester. Part of that is scheduling announcements using the "delay posting" feature. 

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Hi @nesterd those dates are not listed by Canvas. That is your browser listing saved auto-fill data. You should be able to go to your browser settings and uncheck an option to save auto-fill data (if you do not want to see these dates appear in the future). To remove the old dates, you will need to clear your browser data including any auto-saved data. 

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