How do I upload final grades?

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This is my first time grading students on Canvas. The grades are due on Wednesday. I am not able to put any grades or make any changes. I haven't kept a Gradebook as most of the work was done on different place online ( Pearson My Writing Lab.) So, I tried to upload a CSV file, as my own grade book, but it kept giving me a message saying, there are no changes detected in the grade book I uploaded. I attached screen shots and the CSV file.

I appreciate your help. 

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Hello Katerina,

Unfortunately I had to delete two of the attachments from your post because these are public forums and the attachments contained personal data and grades of students.  

As for adding grades to Canvas via a CSV file, you cannot download a .csv from the Pearson site directly to Canvas.  You need to download a .csv file from Canvas, add grades to it from the Pearson site, and then save and re-upload the file that originated in Canvas.  If you did try uploading a file originating in Pearson's site, the reason you would be getting the error message saying that no changes were made is that Canvas doesn't know how to map the person data to the correct columns in Canvas.

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