How to covert an existing normal assignment to a moderated assignment

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I have multiple assignments on my course to which students have a already added their submissions. Now I have realized that all of the assessments need to be moderated by a reviewer per the requirements of my institute. So, I want to convert these assignments to moderated. How can I do that? I know, it is easy to create new moderated assignments but my question is specifically about the existing assignments.



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@RasoolBux -

I was learning about moderated grading from your post and found the following information page:

There was one little line in there about not being able to disable it once submissions have been made.  I thought that therefore if submissions had been made that you may not be able to swap it.  Still not sure on that aspect.  However, when I tried to set moderated grading on an existing assignment, I got the message that it could not be used because grades had already been assigned.  So, If you have assigned grades, you will have to go and delete all of those grades and then select moderated grading.

After writing the above, I set up a test case.  I created and published an assignment. 

With no submissions, I could obviously edit the assignment to add moderated grading.
I made a submission to the assignment and checked moderated - I could still add moderated grading
I then entered a grade(not using a rubric - just entered) for the assignment and moderated grading was no longer possible.
I then removed the grade, and I could change to moderated grading

So, as stated above as long as you have not given grades, it can be turned on.  If grades have been given, then they all have to be removed

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