How to export user data, assignment submissions, grade scores, and teacher feedback?

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Hello Instructure team,

We are moving away from the Canvas LMS at the end of June, but are hoping to export user data from the nearly 200+ courses we've run since 2017.  

For example, each course has 20 assignments and anywhere from 30 to 100 students. We want to obtain a record of every students' gradebook, and a copy of their last submission of two major assignments (Assignments #16 and #17), including their score and attached teacher feedback. 

Is this possible?

Thanks so much,
- Cara.

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Community Coach

Hi @cara_chen,

I'm not aware of a built-in way to do everything you've outlined here...  You could definitely do a gradebook export and a download bulk submissions for single assignments, but that's going to be a lot of manual work for someone to do, and it doesn't cover things like instructor comments either.  If you have local developers, they might be able to use the Canvas API and/or Canvas Data to come up with a script to automate this, but that may take some time and I'm not sure how soon you're transitioning away from Canvas.

I hope this helps a little bit, even though it's probably not the answer you were hoping for.


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