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How to manage Calendars in Canvas

I teach at the college level and work multiple jobs.   So my calendar app has a few calendars in it, all color coded, and I can't count on memory because events are different every week.

Since my schedule includes many non-repeating events and gigs, I really live and schedule by the calendar.   So I need to see when my classes are scheduled, beginning and end dates of semesters, school holidays etc.

However, if I subscribe to my Canvas calendars, I see every assignment, quiz, event, for every course.   This is impossible to read and makes the calendar RSS useless.   So I try turning off the RSS Canvas calendar, but then I don't see anything about school schedule.  Last semester I double-scheduled a few things.

Is there ANY way to feasibly manage the calendar so I don't have to type all my classes for every semester in twice (Once in Canvas and once in Calendar)????

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.00.53 AM.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @don_bryn  , apparently you've stumped the Community. I'll say from my experience that no, I don't know of a way to customize anything like this, but have you figured anything out?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @don_bryn ​...

Checking in with you again since  @kona ​' first check-in on September 26th.  Have you come up with any solutions to your question you posted on August 17th?  If so, could you please come back and post an update below?  For now, I'm going mark this question as "Assumed Answered" since there hasn't been any new activity in a while.  However, that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions/comments below.  Thanks Don!