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How to open gdoc in Canvas

Students submitted assignments by linking their Google Doc, and their documents were shown as gdoc, which I could not open.

Could you please let me know how to open files with extension of gdoc?

file of gdoc

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I am having the same problem.  How did you end of fixing the issue?

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I am having the same issue. Canvas cannot open the .gdoc. It was never a problem before this semester. Please help. 



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Has anyone figured this out?  We are having the same issue!


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I am also running into this issue with my staff. Any updates?

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This happened to our students as well. It happens when a student is submitting a gdoc through the Canvas app on their phone.

One option is to ask the student to login from a laptop/desktop and resubmit the assignment.

Or you can ask the student to save the gdoc file as a docx file using the Google Docs app. The document will save to their Google drive. When they submit their assignment, they should submit the .docx file rather than the gdoc file.

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We use iPads, and some of our students started to experience this same issue this school year. I recently tried the directions above to submit a .docx file. I am waiting to hear back from the classroom teacher. In the past, students have been able to use these directions to submit their assignments as a PDF: 

  1. Open the assignment from Google Drive
  2. 3 dots
  3. Share and Export
  4. Send a Copy
  5. as a PDF
  6. Select the Canvas Student app
  7. Choose the course and assignment
  8. Tap "Submit"

Hey Canvas!  We are also having this issue.  Work around is having users use Google LTI 1.3, but that's a huge step for some of our faculty and it's a huge time waste for those who already turned it in as above and now their students are needing to go back and resubmit another way.  What happened to our guy Brian at Google?

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I've had the same issue with a couple of students who submit via the Canvas app either with an iPhone or iPad, but haven't had the issue with anyone submitting via an Android device.  Since it isn't a lot, I've downloaded the gdoc and uploaded it to my Drive, but then it opens as a PDF, which is fine except that I lose the ability to comment in speedgrader that way.