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How to repeat/Duplicate event or meeting on selected days

Because our school has A days and B days we see our scholars every other day on rotation throughout the year. I have six classes.   And because pinellas county is virtual and brick and mortar we have two classes for each period.  So canvas gives me 12 classes.  If I cross classes then my grading does not integrate with Focus so that wont work.

I have a computer lab.  

I would like to be able to Create a Teams meeting for both brick and mortar and online class for each class. The in person scholars and the at home scholars need to be in the same Teams meeting at the same time.  I would also like to choose to repeat that code for the following days I have that class each week.  or month.  

Currently I can only see how to create 12 links a day - I guess I can copy the HTML link to the second class for each period. It doesnt seem to be going onto the calendar when I do that tho.


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