How to restrict students from taking screenshot in Canvas?

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I would like to restrict students from taking screenshot in courses or exams. How can I do that? Thanks in advance.

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@tm_05 -

Based on the question, I am assuming these are online quizzes in Canvas.  If so, the only way I could think of that would be using something like respondus lockdown browser with monitor(especially if they are remote and not in a class room).  I am assuming that lockdown browser would prevent the screenshot capability.  and monitor for remote students would allow you to catch them using their phone to take a picture.

Note - I just mentioned respondus because that is what I have heard of.  I imagine there are other similar products.

Good luck

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Do you have access to any products such as Respondus LockDown Browser, ProctorU, or other similar software at your institution? Those are the only products that I am aware of that can lock students into their exams and prevent them from getting screenshots.

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Hi there, @tm_05 ...

Here are a couple links for you for some of the Respondus products that @Ron_Bowman and @ericwhitmer reference in their replies:

Hope this helps a bit.

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