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How to send an announcement to multiple course sections?

Is there a way to send an announcement to multiple sections of the same course?


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When creating an assignment, look for the Post to spot below the text entry. It normally defaults to "All Sections," as seen in the image below. If that is not listed, click on the arrow to the far right to access the drop-down list. The top option should be "All Sections."

Post All Sections.png

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@BennyBoveda1 -

If you are referring to multiple sections each with their own Canvas course, then you will want to look at the instructor guide page related to announcement redesign.  In it it explains how to turn it on and towards the bottom how to send the same announcement to multiple Canvas courses.

If all the sections are cross-listed into one course, just write the announcement for the course - I figured the above is what you were really asking, but put this line in for completeness.