How to set a timer for multiple files within a module correctly?

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I had multiple modules within my course that I would like to set a timer for them to be visible to students automatically after a certain date.

Each module has a number of files.

I have set a few safety measures:

- each file within the module has the small calendar icon, being visible after the date X

- the module itself, containing all these aforementioned files will only be visible as a whole after date X


As of now, the date has passed and the module is not visible to students. 

Should each of these modules be also published?

I am worried about the safety of these files that I am working with. If I have the two aforementioned safety measures for each module and each file within a module, can I safely publish all these modules and be sure that they will only be visible after a specific date X?


Thank you in advance!

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Hi @c_mironiuc 

Yes, the modules must be published to become available to the students, Canvas will not publish the module for you when the date for availability arrive, Until that date, students will be able to see that module, but not interact with the content.

You should also hide the Files navigation link in the course navigation menu. How do I manage Course Navigation links? 

I hope this is helpful,



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