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How to set an institutional grading scheme


As an Admin, I know how to create an account grading scheme. However, I can only see ways to enable these grading schemes on the course or assignment level. How can we enable the account grading scheme for all courses in our institution or in a specific sub-account? 


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Hi @coliver1 

When you set up an account grading scheme, that grading scheme is available to all of the courses in the account, the same as the default letter grade scheme, etc.  However, grading schemes are not enabled by default in courses--it's up to instructors to enable a grading scheme in the course settings.

If you want to set courses to use a particular grading scheme by default, probably the simplest way to do that is to set up a template course with that setting (and any other settings you want to enable/disable by default).   There are instructions on setting up templates at 


Hello @coliver1

Similar to the previous answer, there isn't a perfect way to do this without making some adjustments. You can create a grading scheme for an account:

Then, you can remove the other grading schemes. By default, the teachers with courses in this account would get that scheme. Additionally, you could disable the permission for teachers to make changes to their grading schemes. It is either that, or you create it, and the teachers turn it on in their courses individually. Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you. How do I disable the option to edit the grading scheme? I do not see that listed in the Admin Permissions tab. These are the grading permissions I see I can change:

Grades - edit

Grades - select final grade for moderation

Grades - view all grades

Grades - view audit trail

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@coliver1 ,

Instructors cannot change account-level grading schemes.

As far as I know, there are not permissions for different admin account types specifically allowing or not allowing the editing of an account-level grading scheme, but admins of a sub-account should not be able to edit a grading scheme that is inherited from the top-level account.

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Thank you. I am not concerned about faculty editing the actual grading scheme; I was looking for an option to not allow faculty to disable the grading scheme in their course. We want to use an institutional grading scheme and not allow faculty to remove this grading scheme or use their own grading scheme.

It would also be helpful if admins could delete the default grading scheme or set their own grading scheme as default. We have created an institutional grading scheme, but when I select it in a course, the default one comes up first, and I have to click a few extra buttons to select our institutional scheme, so I wish our institutional scheme would come up as the default.

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