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How do you submit via unicheck?  I have an assignment that will need to be submited today and have no idea how to do that.  There is no submit button to my assignment.  I am okay with technology but do not understand this at all.

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Dear @Regina Spahr,

You don’t have to submit an assignment anywhere separately for it to be checked by Unicheck. If your instructor has chosen Unicheck as the plagiarism checking tool for an assignment, your paper will be automatically run through Unicheck after it is submitted. You need to follow just a few steps to submit the assignment and check the similarity report if this feature is enabled.

Here is a detailed video guide:

How Students Submit Their Work

Where Can Students View Unicheck Reports?

In case you still have any questions, please get in touch with our Support Team working 24/7:

+1 281 912 0548 (US)

+1 888 231 5356 (the US, a toll-free number)

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