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How to track attendance but then manually enter attendance/participation grade?

Hello! Is it possible to use roll call attendance or something like that to track daily attendance but not have it create a separate grade/points? My students want the accountability of knowing when they have missed, but my grade system is a manual "active participation" grade (25 points) which is impacted by attendance but I don't give daily points for every day attended. Is is possible to activate ROLL CALL and enter but not have it as a grade? Thanks!

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Hello @AmyRansford 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

  • I know that you can tell the Roll Call tool and assignment to not count towards the final grade. I don't think that this would what you are looking for based on what I understand about your question, here. The assignment that is created when you take role will be used to score the attendance and will populate in the gradebook. 
  • It's possible that there might be some sort of an LTI or third party tool that could be integrated into your course for Roll Call. I don't know of one off hand, but that is always an option your schools Canvas admin might be able to look into for you. 
  • Some instructors have gotten creative with using discussions to keep track of attendance. I have seen a few instructors setup a discussion and have the student respond to a daily question they ask everyone in the course. Students will respond to it and be graded on participation with what they respond with.

Hopefully this helps a bit!