I'm having trouble uploading a picture to file it says error 400.

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I'm having trouble uploading a picture to file it says error 400. when I try to submit it to discussion reply it says something went wrong check internet connection and try again

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@ElvaMagallanes That error is the error you see when you are out of Canvas space.  Each user normally gets 500mb of personal storage (unless your Canvas contract has a different amount).  Many of the things you do in Canvas get either saved to a course storage area or your personal storage area.  Posting items to ungraded discussions is something that saves to your personal storage area hence why you are seeing that error.  You have a few options...  You could put your picture in an online storage place like Google Drive or OneDrive and then share the link in the discussion, you can try and remove some of the stuff in your files area (under the "Account" button, click on "Files" and those are all the things that have saved in your personal files area [please note that if you delete a file from there, it is gone from wherever you shared it so don't delete stuff you still need in active courses]), or you can ask the instructor to make the discussion graded as those items do not go to personal file areas.

Hope that helps!


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@ElvaMagallanes @nwilson7 One point of clarification: The standard personal user storage quota is 50MB per the  Canvas Account Comparisons PDF documentation.

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