I'm wondering if I can make a question worth 1/2 (.5) point instead of a whole number?

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In the old quiz feature, I was able to change the total points value for a single question to .5 instead of 1. I do not see this option in the new quizzes. Every time I try to change the points value to a decimal, it is defaulting to a whole number (i.e. .5 defaults to 5). How can I make a question worth less than 1?

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I do give decimal points a few times and tried the same with New Quizzes and it worked all fine. Here is what I did:

  1. Open an existing quiz in edit mode or create a new quiz.
  2. In the Build page, add a quiz question and manually enter 0.5 in the Points field. (The arrows only show 1 pointer increment.)
  3. Click Done. The total points reflect the updated score in the Question Navigator (left-hand side of the screen in the following screenshot.)

Screenshot for editing quiz question pointsScreenshot for editing quiz question points

The score also gets updated on the Build page as shown in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of Quiz Question with updated decimal scoreScreenshot of Quiz Question with updated decimal score


Hope this helps!

Pallavi Jalakam

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