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Course Template option


We read about Course templates and we would like to use this option but it remains unclickable even if we removed all enrollments and we went into the settings of the course as an Admin. We checked the permissions to ensure this was not the problem and it's all green for the Admin role.

I joined a print screen to show the option that remains grey (not clickable).

Do you have any idea what our problem could be?

Thank you for your help!

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Make sure you have no one in the course - no teacher or students.

Make sure the course isn't concluded or have an end date set. I would make sure it's in the default term.


Chad Scott

Thank you Chad for those tips, but unfortunately we already checked these and the problem is still there.

Anyone else knows what could block the option?

Thank you!

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We found something that worked for us (thanks to Canvas Support).  It turns out we needed to delete the "section" under Course Sections in the course Settings/Sections page before it let us click on the option to "Enable course as a Course Template".

It would be nice if this were mentioned in the Canvas Guides somewhere. They just say "If you are unable to manage the Course Template setting, the course may have enrollments...".  Perhaps by "enrollments" they mean "sections".  😉

Hope this helps others.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @ortizi ...

If you feel anything in an written Guide is unclear and could use more detail, you are always more than welcome to make suggestions which are submitted to the Documentation Team at Instructure (the folks that make Canvas).  At the bottom of any Guide, there are two red buttons: "Ask a Question" and "View Related Guides".  Below those two buttons, you'll find a link to "share your feedback".  So, navigate to the Guide in question, and then use that link to submit your suggestion to the Documentation Team.  They will review your comments and feedback to determine if any clarifications should be made to the document.

Hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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Thanks, that's a good point.  I will try to submit my suggestions and see how that goes.  🙂