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I need to embed Zoom into my classes to meet with the students individually

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Hello @YousiMazpule ...

There is a Zoom LTI (Learning Tools lnteroperability) external tool that can be installed at the Canvas account level that adds a "Zoom" button into all courses at your school. The setup of the Zoom LTI is normally done by your school's Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Learning department who has Canvas admin access. Here are a few links for your Canvas admin to take a look at (in no particular order):

As a former Canvas administrator, I helped set up the Zoom LTI integration at the school I used to work at, and there was quite a bit of setup that was necessary to get everything working. So, having your school's Canvas admin take a look at everything prior to setup would be a good idea. Once Zoom is set up, then you can access Zoom directly within your Canvas course(s), and you'll be able to create new Zoom meetings and have your own private Zoom "room" to meet with students one-on-one as needed.

I hope this will help a bit. Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!