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Images Disappearing in quizzes

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I'm having trouble with images disappearing in quizzes in canvas.  My students use Chromebooks and most of them can see the images but one or two can't.  I have gone to files and published them individually and they are still not showing up on their Chromebooks. I have cleared the cache and cookies on their Chromebooks and that doesn't seem to help either.  Is there something that can be done to make these images re-appear?

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Still an issue 02/2021. At student send this image below after her exam today. At least it seems students may no longer be able to see the image file name? I guess that's something. 



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This is still an issue. Out of a group of 50 students, 3 could not see an image in the quiz. This is completely unacceptable. Especially considering that this issue has been known for years.

How can this be considered answered??

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I am also still experiencing this issue as well. The issue is sporadic/not regular and images were uploaded, added to the files section and embedded in the quiz correctly. The JPG image is shown as a broken image with image title and in looking at the HTML it is referring back to the correct course and correct file item.

Has there been a specific cause identified for this at this time?  

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Still having this problem in summer 2021. Sporadic and does not seem to be related to connection speed or image size. 

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We have faculty having this issue here in fall of 2021. It seems to be with mainly with Chromebooks and at least one student yesterday with a macbook air using Safari 14.1. 

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Students on smartphones and some with laptops had this issue in my class today. This issue is NOT resolved. The link to the blog at the top of the thread is also bad. "No such page" appears when I click on it. 

Hi @JenneyTimothy ...

Sometimes you'll find that links to other content may not work here in the Community.  This is because back in August 2020, Instructure migrated to a new Canvas Community platform.  While most things do re-direct to the correct place, there are times that you run into link errors as you've described.  The nice thing is that if you know the name of the link, you can usually use the search field at the top of Community pages to search for that name, and you'll probably find what you are looking for.  So, here are the current links for what you are looking for:

Hopefully these resources will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have questions...thanks!

 This is the link given for the "solution"

As of March 2022 it's not working - "page not found"

@lsmith129 ...

If you scroll to the very bottom of this topic [or just click this link: Solved: Re: Images Disappearing in quizzes - Instructure Community (], you'll see that I provided an explanation of why some links don't work like they should.  I've provided updated links in my response.