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Immersive Reader

In our global account Settings we currently have the Immersive Reader feature set to "Allow". We originally had it set to "On" but the foreign langauge classes reported some issues and they would prefer that it is not allowed in their classes. When it is set to "Allow" how do instructors and/or students access it? We do not see it in the course Feature Options menu. 

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Community Coach

Good evening, @ellingtonsp ...

At the account level, if you have the Immersive Reader set to "OFF", then it will not be available to anyone.  If you set it to "ALLOW", then instructors would have to manually turn it on course by course in their own "Feature Options" screen.  If you set it to "ON" at the account level, then Immersive Reader would be turned on for all courses.  If you already have it set to "ALLOW" but your instructors are not seeing it as a "Feature Option" in their own course(s), then I would recommend that you contact Canvas Support to see what might be going on.

I hope this will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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@chofer there is no longer "allow" for feature options in global Admin settings.  Instead we have Immersive Reader feature on but unlocked.  That allows us to turn it on and off by subaccount, but it does not appear in a course's Feature options.  Should it?  It is an account rather than course feature. We would like teachers to be able to turn it off since reading teachers, and others, don't want it on in their individual courses.

I guess we can contact Canvas support, but I don't know if account features are ever available at the course level.

@Nancy_Webb_CCSF ...

Well, that reply of mine was back in August 19, 2020 ... and I think things have changed since then.  How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when v... - Canvas Community

I also found the note about removing the "Trial" label in a February 2021 Deploy Notes document:  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-02-17) - Canvas Community 

Hi @chofer you are right, things constantly change!

I checked with support that immersive reader can only be turned on account wide, that it can't be turned off at course level, and they agreed:

"I was able to confirm that once enabled there are no options for this feature on the course level. It's basically on or off account-wide."