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I am a special teacher and I have 4 sections of each class all in one course. I am looking to see if there is a way where I can have students take a typing test from an outside link, come back to Canvas and then record their Speed and Accuracy. I am hoping to keep it all in Canvas (kind of like SpeedGrader where I can see one student's scores, then click next to see the next submission) but I want the students to be able to see their progress (we do a typing test once a month) but not allow everyone in the course to see their scores. I am looking for a way for just the student and myself (instructor) to see the scores but the students can look back and see how much they grew each month.

I thought about making an assignment and leaving open until the end of the year but I think students can only see their latest submissions. I also thought about doing a discussion post but everyone in the course could see it. Is there a way to do this in Canvas? Maybe a quiz or something else? Thank you in advance! 

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