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Instructor Comments from multiple student submissions

We just started using the new Student Assignment Enhancement. In general, this hasn't impacted how instructors grade assignments. However, when students submit multiple submissions it changes how the instructors' comments are viewed by the instructor. Prior to the change, all comments for all submissions would show up together so the instructor knew what comments had been made on previous submissions. Now the instructor needs to either toggle between submissions or click on the "Download Submission Comments" Link in order to see what comments have been made for all submissions. Both methods require extra steps for instructors or they don't realize there are previous comments and they don't even know to look for comments on prior submissions. Is there another way to get comments on multiple submissions to show up all together for instructors or can this be added? 

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I used to be able to toggle between submissions, but since roughly June 1, 2021 I can no longer toggle between submissions from the drop down menu, not consistently at least. I am waiting to see if anyone else flags this issue. I posted the issue and then edited a post to question whether this was something that had to do with server side work on assignments ( Because I was involved in a server switch in late May, the change in settings between servers might be the issue. Surely I am not the only person who has lost the drop down box that pulls up prior submissions?