Integrating ChatGPT into Canvas as a tool to help educators

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I wondered how fellow educators/admins/designers would feel about incorporating a tool such as ChatGPT directly into Canvas, to reduce admin time and speed up process of things?

A good example could be quizzes - a GPT bot could potentially respond to an input of "create me a classic quiz on the subject of X. It should have 10 questions and graduate in difficulty" (a basic idea but gets my point across).

I think a tight integration with ChatGPT (or similar tool) is going to put the first system that does it way out in front of the rest in the education space. As we know, Microsoft are heavily invested in the EdTech space - they've thrown everything at it, it seems - and ChatGPT is going to be incorporated directly into each of their products. If anyone from Canvas/Instructure is listening, this is a plea and a piece of advice: get involved with this tool right away to futureproof your product!

Interested to hear others' thoughts 🙂

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