Interactive notebooks, via Google Slides or Docs, as course long assignment

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I'm curious....other than MasteryPaths, has anyone successfully integrated an interactive Field Notes, via Google Slides or Docs, as a course-long project, with gradable components threaded throughout each module and building up to a final Research Journal project? 

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I like the idea of using interactive notebooks and incorporating them in Canvas. I don't think there is a feature that would help incorporate this, but here are some ideas that I have:

1. In the first assignment, create a Google assignments assignment and include the entire Google slide/doc you want the students to work on. At each stage of the course-long project, you can create a new assignment (online submission) with its requirements, but the students will upload or link the same Google slide/doc they've been working on. This lets you see what they have added previously while looking at the new addition. I recommend using the comments feature in Google docs/slides so that you can see the history.

2. Divide the project into separate google slide/docs and create a google assignment for each component throughout the course. This would be difficult to look at the project historically.

3. A combination of the first two options. Have a tracker document and each component is a separate google slide/doc. The first assignment will include a tracker document that links to each separate component and has a notes/comments section. Each new assignment will have a new component, but the students will need to attach the tracker document from the first assignment.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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