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Is field format validation possible in Canvas quiz?

I am relatively new to Canvas and trying to emulate things I've done with Google Forms.  Is It possible to force field formats using validations in Canvas?

For example, in a quiz (which I am actually using as a signature form), I'd like a fill in the blank field type to be a date as xx/xx/xxx for month, day, and year. Additionally I'd like a fill in the blank field type for email address and phone numbers. I'd like to be able to force the formatting so that I can keep it uniform as well as export a CSV/excel document of the information.

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Hello @TangierClarke 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community. 

I am not super familiar with the field format validation you are able to use on Google Forms. However, I know that you can set up a 'Fill In Multiple Blanks' type question to allow them to fill in a date, and email address. The only issue I see with doing this with Canvas quizzes is that the quizzes will be looking for a Correct answer for the students to fill in in order to be graded. This means that you have to physically tell the question type what the correct answers are that it is looking for from the students.

If you are still using Google Docs for this, you could try and share the doc into a page in your Canvas course. However submissions will be collected outside of Canvas on Google. 

The other option I thought of was to use a ungraded or graded survey type of quiz that will allow them to enter this information for the fill in the blank type question. You could then view the survey results after they have taken the quiz HERE is a guide on how to view the results. 

Hopefully this helps!