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Is there a way to integrate a Pearson Realize LTI course for each teacher?

 I am working on getting our Pearson Realize LTI integrated within our Canvas instance.  The way it needs to work is that I need to add the Pearson common cartridge file at the admin level and then add teachers as teachers to the course.  This is not ideal because not only will multiple teachers and classes have access to the same course content, but if one teacher wants to add content (or delete content) to/from the course, that will affect everyone who is connected to the course.  Pearson does not want teachers to have access to the common cartridge course content files, and I completely understand that.  I was wondering if others who are using Pearson Realize LTI at the admin level in Canvas have found a better way to integrate it within Canvas for their their teachers.  I do see the option of exporting the course content, and maybe that would work if I export that course content from Pearson into the teacher's other course, but I feel like this is jumping through extra hoops that shouldn't be necessary.

I would greatly appreciate others' help in navigating this issue and finding a proper solution.  We are seriously contemplating digital course content for our teachers and students for the next school year.  It is imperative that the digital content is easy for both teachers and students to navigate.  Thanks!
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Greetings rpsimon

Can you just create modules and share them in the Commons for your just your school? Then teachers can just grab what they want from the Commons.

Or you could provision a Pearson sandbox course for each user using the SIS imports. Then tie it to a blueprint that pushes content out to each course. Then teachers can copy content from the sandbox into their real courses. Then it wouldn't matter if they messed something up because they are the only teacher of the sandbox course.

Those Common Cartridge files are ridiculously huge and I would probably have some kind of content specialist go through and curate them to create the modules, align them to your pacing guides and standards, and then share those with the teachers.

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So, at the same time that I posted on here, I also reached out to my Canvas CSM. Her response was to create a blueprint course.  She shared several links with me as well.  I really don't even know anything about a blueprint course and what it is or does as this is my first year using Canvas (I have definitely learned a lot!).  The cc files really aren't that big - the one I was working with yesterday was only 3 MB.  Do you mind explaining to me (in your words) what a blueprint course is?  Thanks so much.  Also, I watched a video that she sent me on Blueprint courses.  The video was several years old, so maybe some of the settings have changed?  I think when I create new courses I do see the option to create a blueprint course however, I don't see that in the "Feature Options" at the admin level.  Am I missing something?  Thanks,  @MattHanes ‌!

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Greetings rpsimon,

A blueprint course is essentially like a template for course content. Courses can by "associated" with a blueprint and content can be pushed from the blueprint course to the associated courses. If the teacher changes a particular item in their associated course, the blueprint will no longer update that item in the next push. The blueprint course cannot have enrollments. You create a course and then check the box in the Settings to make it a blueprint course. Once it is a blueprint course, you'll have a menu on the right side that will allow you to associate courses to the blueprint and initiate content pushes. 

You can also use the SIS course import to associate the courses so you don't have to do it manually. You just add a column to the courses.csv file with the blueprint ID. You can find that information here: SIS Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

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I am curious about what solution you came to for the Realize/Canvas integration, @rpsimon ?

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I was attempting to work through this this evening. The Pearson app has been installed on our canvas accounts, but there has been no instruction on what to do with it. We can go to Savvas Realize and click the LMS button. When we do that a program called Easybridge opens up and pulls our rosters from Canvas. We then choose what material we want linked to the class (World History). I have no idea what to do at this point. I can make assignments in Realize, but they do not show up in Canvas. I can't find any instructions anywhere to take me beyond this point. 

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I don't think that Savvas is working on a ReadyGen to Canvas LTI, from what I have heard. If you find that to be incorrect, please let me know!

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Savvas is now certified for LTI-A. That means access for ALL Realize titles directly through Canvas. See more info here:  https://youtu.be/MsAA_e_IVYU

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Savvas Realize is LTI-A certified, which means you get the full power of Realize AND the flexibilty of Canvas. See just how easy it is to use Realize content in Canvas! Learn more at https://www.savvas.com/realize Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2HyTM7g Visit us on the web at ...