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Is there a way to release quiz answers at a later date in the new quiz format?

In classic quizzes I can make the correct answers available to the students at a later date than when it's due.

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Yes,  @kasandra_kopek  , this is possible.

How do I manage settings for an assessment in New Quizzes?  > Restrict Student Result View will walk you through it.

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Unfortunately this doesn't actually answer my question. I know that I can restrict and how to restrict. In the old quiz format I could make the answers available during a certain time frame, date to date. But I can't find that in the new quiz version and I don't think it should be this complicated. It wasn't in the old version.

If that option was taken out, that was a poor decision. I don't want the answers to be available unlimited and I only want them available after a certain date.

Sorry if this is not your area.

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I am trying to do this as well and agree that the article posted did NOT answer the original poster's question.  As of now, it appears I cannot selectively choose a date for when students can view questions and answers.  If this is indeed a missing option, it needs to be reconsidered as this is a major hindrance in my ability to facilitate my online courses. 

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Community Coach

@kasandra_kopek and @The_Viking ...

I think you'll need to add your feedback to the following Feature Idea:

New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

The Guide that Renee had linked to does allow you to restrict student result view, but I don't see any options for setting dates for those restrictions.  I think the above Feature Idea link gets at what you're looking for, but I'll let you review on your own to make that decision.  You might want to give it a star rating and post a comment if you feel it meets what you are looking for.

I'll go ahead and unmark Renee's answer as a solution for now...since the ability to restrict by date doesn't appear to be available in New Quizzes at the moment.

Thank you Chris. I visited the link you provided and what's most telling about that link is that the feature request for dates was submitted almost 3 years and 17 days ago with the feature still not being implemented. Pretty sad Canvas developers aren't listening to their users. I can't imagine this would be a hard feature to implement especially considering it was apparently a feature in their "Classic Quizzes."
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@The_Viking ...

Unfortunately, Instructure (the folks that make Canvas) doesn't have unlimited resources.  I, too, would like to see certain things implemented in Canvas...some of which I've waited years for as well.  I get the frustration...as I've been right there with you.  The reality is, however, that Instructure may not be able to implement every single thing that we, as end users, want in Canvas...as much as we really want to see it.  So, I don't believe it's an issue that the developers aren't listening to us.  I know for a fact that there are lots of Instructure employees who read our replies on a daily/weekly basis...though you may not "see" them posting messages like you and I do.  But they do read our feedback.  Perhaps this Guide will shed some light on this for you: What is the feature development process for Instru... - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com).  In particular, check out the section on "If my idea doesn't align...".  Also, read the paragraph on "Be Patient" in this Guide: How do I create a new idea conversation in the Ins... - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com).

Take care...be well.


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@Chris_Hofer I appreciate your positive outlook on this but I feel that Canvas simply needs to do a better job at implementing these features that are a part of their competitors' products and that have been brought to the attention of Canvas Instructure many years ago.  They either need to hire 1) more staff and/or 2) more qualified staff to improve their product.  At this point in time, all I know is that I feel it was a mistake for my university to switch to Canvas from D2L given the lack of basic functionality that I have been used to for many years with D2L.  If several years is not enough to implement basic functionality then what is?  A decade?  Two decades?  Time for Canvas up their game and start listening to the users.  I for one actually want Canvas to be an awesome LMS.  I wish the Instructure team had some more motivation to feel the same!