LTI Gradable Activities-Can The Canvas Grade Book be told to only post the highest grade for a student?

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In a Canvas Course with LTI Activity Links that are gradable, can the Canvas Course Grade Book be setup to only post the highest grade that a student has received for a gradable activity? 

For example, Student A clicks on a LTI Activity Link that is gradable, takes a quiz and get a grade of 40% and the 40% grade posts back to the Canvas Grade Book. 

Then that same Student A clicks on the same gradable  LTI Activity Link and re-takes that same quiz, but his time he gets a grade of 20%.  Question, can the Canvas Grade Book for that Course be setup so that only the higher Grade  is posted and that the lower grade is not posted to the Grade Book?   

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Community Coach

Hi @Daniel_Giglio,

As far as I know from my experience as a Canvas administrator, the Canvas side of things cannot currently do this.  For an external tool assignment, it would be up to the tool provider to store the individual attempt scores and have an interface for you to choose what you want passed back to Canvas (highest, average, latest, etc).  I know of at least one LTI tool that handles things this way, so I'm pretty sure that's the intended universal route for all LTI tools and LMSes, though someone else may know more than I do.


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