Late assignments

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I have used CANVAS for about 12 years now.   Recently, I've had 2 x student submissions that seem to have been "back dated" to reveal the assignment was on time, even though when I checked CANVAS initially, there was NO submission, and I always type, "No submission" and CANVAS will time stamp this.    

Both students approached me saying that had in fact turned in the assignment on time.   I go back and check and somehow it is there!

I know about the refreshing of CANVAS.   

I will go to my grave on this.   I checked CANVAS, typed in, "Nothing submitted" and then the students turned it in after the fact, but with a backdated turn in date.   

Anything is possible, and we have computer science GT kids who could probably pull this off.   

What say you, CANVAS?    Help!

Has any student ever figured out how to back date a submission?

I can send you the link to the 2 different cases where this happened.

Steve Nathman


Northwest High School