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I am having issues with my canvas. I am a second year student in UCC. I don't think I set up my canvas correctly as the 'dashboard' section on canvas appears blank for me. I cannot access any of my assignments. The layout of my canvas is also different to my peers. I would like to know how to sort it please.

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Hi Megan,

It sounds like you may have changed your dashboard view without realizing it. Canvas currently has 3 different dashboard view‌s

  • Card View: displays course cards for quick access to all your favorite courses (the same courses display in the Courses link from the Global Navigation Menu)
  • List View: displays all course to-do items in an agenda view
  • Recent Activity View: displays all recent activity for all courses

Here is some #documentation‌ that will walk you through changing your view back to the #card view‌ which is what it sounds you're expecting and looking for. 

How do I use the Dashboard as a student?

Hope this helps. 

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