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Limiting notification for a large number of enrollments

Our institution configures several academic advisors wtih many observer enrollments which, in a given semester, results in dozens of observer course enrollments at a given time (to provide academic services / assistance for 100+ students). This results in a large number of unwanted notifications being delivered to these observin staff members. Even with notifications being disabled at the top level, individual course notifications (for several dozen courses) remain enabled by default:


This means to disable these notifications, this setting must be turned-off by the observer manually - in / for each course.

Is there another way of disabling these notifications in a quick, easier way? I'm recommending to the user that they set-up some filters in their email client to automatically delete these notifications, but I'm hoping there is another solution that is easier for the user- possibly something we can do on our end. I can't find a better solution in documentation or in the API. Any ideas? Thanks!

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