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Limiting student view of modules

We have a year long course that has many different units in the course.  There are more than 100 assignments/quizzes in the entire course.   For our student management system we need them all in one course.

We know we can limit access to parts of a course by setting dates, but at some point a student will be able to see all the material, assessments and quizzes.  Is  there a way of limiting what the students see so that once they have completed an assignment/quiz it won't show any more or is there another way to control the display as we are concerned that students will be overwhelmed with the amount of content they have to complete.  Or is rhere an alternative solution.

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Here's some steps you can take:

Turn off the Course Summary in the Syllabus. Look for the little box and uncheck it.

Disable most items into the students' Course Navigation Bar. Keep Modules, but disable Pages, Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, and Files. That will encourage your students to access their course content through the Modules. (Go into Settings and then Navigation to do this.)

Unpublish all of the Modules. Just publish one Module at a time, and move the most recent one to the top.

Keep all of the Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes unpublished until it's time for the students to work on them. (This will keep them from appearing on the students' Calendar.)  

Once the students have submitted work, you can't "unpublish" those Assignments, Discussions, and  Quizzes.

I hope this helps.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your response.  I guess our problem remains that once we get to the end of the course they will see all the asssignments as they will have completed all the previous ones and the ones they have completed can't be hidden.


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You can "unpublish" old Modules which have completed student work. Then, when the students click on "Modules" in their Course Navigation Bar, they will only see the most current "published" Modules.

Also, consider whether you want to "enable" Grades in the Course Navigation Bar. Enabling Grades will give your students the huge list of everything they've done. If you have younger students, you might want to disable Grades.

The students will still see all of the work (Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes) they've completed in the Calendar, but that might not cause such a problem.