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Line Breaks in Chat

In the dedicated Chat area of Canvas, can I insert line breaks when I copy and paste blocks of text?  

Here's why: When I teach writing, several of my exercises in class use chat rooms to send out revision exercises to students, then receive their attempts and give feedback commentary immediately.  If my students can see, for instance, four clauses for combination as a list rather than as a blob, I think that the exercise will run better.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Are you using a Windows machine? I usually have success with "ctrl+enter" to make line breaks in chat or other messages where "enter" alone triggers the send. 

That works for single-line entry, but my exercises, as in my example, often come to my students several clauses at a time. Is there any prospect (for future semesters if not this one) to allow for
tags or some other device to allow big-paste entries to have line breaks?


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This would be especially helpful in computer science courses, so that I could copy/paste a few lines of code and the line breaks would be kept.