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Linking Discussion Boards to New Quiz Questions

I would like to link a discussion board to a New Quiz question. Is there a way to do this?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @MsMiller1 ...

No, you cannot link a discussion topic to a specific question in a New Quiz (or in a Classic Quiz, either).  Can you please describe your use case for this?  I am having trouble visualizing what this would look like for you.  Maybe an example would be helpful so that we can figure out if anything else might be possible for you.  Thanks!

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In my weekly quizzes, I ask students to share their "muddiest points" for clarification prior to the exam. I would like to be able to link this question to a discussion board so that they can support one another. 

For now, I have a rather "clunky" work around. I've attached an image of the quiz question, as well as the Discussion Board prompts, to provide a visual.

If there is a way for the posts to be anonymous, but I can still see who is posting, that would be a bonus!!

Thank you for your quick response: I look forward to your thoughts~



Community Coach
Community Coach

Thank you @MsMiller1  for posting those screenshots. How about this for an idea:

  • Continue to use a quiz for students to submit their muddiest points. This meets your interest in knowing which points are muddy for which student.
  • On the muddiest points discussion, you post the replies. This meets your interest in keeping them anonymous.
  • Students support each other by replying to your responses.

By acting as a gatekeeper for the discussion, you prevent the same muddiest point from being shared by multiple students. 

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I appreciate the idea but there are two drawbacks:

  1. It creates significantly more work for me to re-post the questions. I had actually been doing this the past 2 semesters by reposting the muddiest points in one announcement and answering the questions for the students. With 40 students per class and a required minimum of 5 classes, this method is not sustainable.
  2. I actually want the students to see the redundancy as I have found that, when doing the in-class version of this exercise, there is much validation to be had knowing that the student isn't the only one with the same question. It also allows for multiple methods to be used in addressing the point (i.e. one person may give a written response, someone else may find a video, and a third may post an article) which increases UDL in the discussion board.

Again, I thank you for the suggestions!