List of Practice Quiz Scores?

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Hi all,

I'm aware that Practice Quiz scores do not show up in Gradebook.

However, is it possible to access a list of Practice Quiz grades, or to find out simply whether students attempted the quiz?

I know that changing a Practice Quiz to a Graded Quiz means the grades appear in Gradebook, but I have some 200 plus quizzes that I'd need to manually change the status of one-by-one!

Many thanks in advance.

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If you provide the quizzes to students in the modules tab, you have a couple of options.

You can set the practice quizzes up as module requirements either as must submit or must earn a minimum score.  Then when you want to see whether a specific student has completed the quiz there is a check progress button at the top of the modules page.  It will display a list of all students for you to click through to see the progress of a specific student.

If you want something that shows a bigger picture of progress in the gradebook, you can also require module activities to be completed in order.  Then put the graded activities after the practice quiz.  Even a simple complete/incomplete zero point one question graded survey will give you the tracking you are looking for in the gradebook.

Both of those options require setting some additional details up in modules.  There may also be reports that your canvas admin could help you run.


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