Local Processes For Account Calendar Feature

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We're excited about starting to use the Account Calendar feature in Canvas. We're not having any trouble using the tool, but we'd like to have some processes in place related to when/how the tool is used. For anyone who has already started using the Account Calendar feature:

  1. Did you put out a "call for interest" via announcement, listserv, etc., to let departments know about the new feature?
  2. Did you designate a single person from an interested department as the official communication channel?
  3. Did you find a way to convey that this tool is for major deadlines, important departmental dates, etc., and not just an open calendar for the department?

At this point we just want to avoid two extremes: either that folks don't know about the tool and therefore aren't requesting to use it, or that departments know and we're deluged by requests for its use.

We think we have a good plan in place to roll the feature out, but we wanted to see if anyone else had any tips/tricks for local processes and management of the tool.

Thank you!

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