Make assignment submissions viewable to entire class?

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Hi Canvas Community,

I'm wondering if there is a way to make certain assignments have their corresponding submissions be viewable by all students in a course? An example would be songwriting students post a demo of their song as an mp3 file. Then, each student in that course could access that mp3 and give their feedback on it in an open forum. All students would be able to see every comment posted, so it's a very collaborative assignment. The instructor would also grade the mp3. 

We would only want this setup for open-ended assignments, and not assignments such as a music theory test, where there is only one correct answer.

I am aware of peer reviews in Canvas, but that seems more private and not as collaborative on a class level.

Thanks as always!

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@Carter41 -

I have no experience in this type of assignment, but I think what you want is a graded discussion.

Here is the instructor guide Discussion section that should have links to all the questions you may have about discussions.


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