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Make assignment title a link to another url

Hi all-as usual people will ask why??? i want the functionality of assignment dates but that's about it....

Is there a way to make the title of an assignment pape link to another url? currently if you click on the asisgnment title you go to the assignment page...i want to set it up so that if you click on the assignment title you go to a different page. thanks to anyone who can make sense of this.

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Hi there @mparzen ,

You're right, I'm asking Why?? And I'm still not sure I understand what you are asking for/referring to when you say that "currently if you click on the asisgnment title you go to the assignment page".

Clicking on the word Assignments in the breadcrumb at the top of the screen does lead to the Assignments page, as it should.

Instead, you can put a link to another page in the assignment text that leads to where you want to go.


What am I missing in your question?
Cheers - Shar

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Thanks for replying!

Will try to explain more.....

I want to use assignments to date items....but want to send people to a different url.

so on my home page it would look like


September 1, 2020      

September 5, 2020     

this is sill of course becasue by default it looks like

September 1, 2020                Assignment 1

September 5, 2020               Assignment 2

and from the assignment  1 page I can direct them to another url. just trying to make it look cleaner.

I could also just do this manually in a table but wanted to easily add new assignments.


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Why not use the Syllabus page that gives dates AND links to assignments. 

If you want any text to link to anyURL use the link function.