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Managing Storage on the iOS Canvas App: Can I delete student submitted video?

I'm an admin - a teacher reported that Canvas Teacher for iOS is filling up his iPad storage largely because of student video file submissions. I tested uploading a video and the file seems to automatically download to the Canvas app although I cannot delete it.

I checked the storage for Canvas Teacher on my own device and got 400MB

After deleting and reinstalling the app it's down to 100MB

But will it redownload everything 'in the background' and is deleting the app the only way to manage storage

I have tested if Canvas Studio videos consume ipad storage....


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Hello @BrianLester 

I understand that you are seeing an issue with the storage on your instructors Ipad due to student video file submissions.

While I was not able to find much on this in the Canvas guides, it might be best to have you submit a ticket to support to have them look into this and see if it is related to known issue. 

Be sure to provide them with the instructors information and any screenshots you have demonstrating this behavior. This will help them to look into this further and identify what is causing this to happen.  


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Submitting a support ticket isn't a solution to the problem.

I've already done that...

The posted 'Solution' is not a solution. Can this not be marked as a solution?