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Media Uploads, why can't i preview?

My students are usually adding sound recordings or mp4 movie uploads. Sometimes, in the browser, i can play it right in the file section. Sometimes, it only forces me to download and doesn't load any preview. I can't seem to find any consistent reason why it works sometimes but not others. In the assignment, i have File Uploads and Media Recordings both checked off. Is there one that will always allow me to just see the preview on the browser and not have to download it?

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Hello.  That is frustrating.  When you say that you can play it right in the file selection, are you talking about from within SpeedGrader?


@DavidDeLizza @talway  in most cases this would have to do with how you allow the student to upload. if you are using media upload it should allow for you to play in the speedgrader, but if you use file upload it would require you to download the file to view it. This is a good reference