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There have been a few occasions when I copy a course and then receive a message sating that students are attempting to access content in a different course. Why might this be happening? We use Google LTI and often it is a Google file that the instructor is sharing in the course and was shared in the previous course.

Any thoughts?



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Hi @jlugo1 

When this has happened to me, it was due to my having copied text and links from a previous course (a manual right-click-copy then paste), and then pasted it into a page or assignment textbox of a new course.  When you use the course import tool, it does a great job of updating any links so they stay relative to the course, but if you do an old fashioned copy/paste, the links are not updated to references within the new course. 

That said, there may have been a mistake during the import process, or it could be an issue with the Google LTI integration. 

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