Module Prerequisites and Closed Grading Periods

Community Contributor

I have a teacher who uses module prerequisites and requires a certain score on a quiz. Most students completed the module in the previous grading period, but new students have joined the course this quarter. Although they have completed the prerequisite module and taken the quiz, the teacher is unable to input the score because the grading period is closed. The new students are "stuck" because they can't access the next module without those scores. A Canvas rep was able to override the grading period to input the score; that obviously is not a viable long-term solution for the teacher.

Besides having our district Canvas admin override the grading period to input the score, is there an option I'm overlooking? Does the teacher have to remove the prereq temporarily to allow these students to progress? That seems to defeat the purpose of setting up the automaticity of the system.

By the way, I HATE how grading periods work. They have caused so many problems, and I'm not sure if it's because of Canvas or because of our SIS (Aeries). But I didn't have all these issues in a previous district that used Infinite Campus.