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I can't seem to find a direct answer to my question. I teach English and have various due dates for drafts, workshops, etc. as they lead to the final draft. These sequential assignments appear in weekly modules as the course progresses, but they also appear in a specific module for each essay. 

My question is: I want to set the Essay Module requirements so that all the previous assignments must be completed before the Final Draft can be submitted. If the assignments appear in other modules, will the requirements of the Essay Module still work? 

In other words, if assignments appear in two separate modules, will the requirements of either module be affected by that? Ideally, completing an assignment (or not) in one module will satisfy (or not) the requirements of the other module. I just want to know if that is not true.

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Hi @davidh1 

If I am correctly understanding your question, then this can be done, for the most part.

You would need to create a chain, so to speak, of module requirements and prerequisites. For example..............

  • Module 1 requires a draft outline to be marked complete,
  • Module has a prerequisite that Module 1 be completed, and a requirement that the first draft is done before that module is marked complete.
  • Module 3 has a prerequisite that Module 2 be completed, and cannot be marked complete until the second draft is done.
  • Etc., etc. etc.

Tedious to set up, but it will work, until a student doesn't complete a component on time and cannot move forward into the new week's module. These guides will help,

Tell us how it works out for you,


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