Multiple Due Dates - Single Assignment

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In my writing courses, students may request a 24-hour extension and those who request by 5:00 p.m. of the original due date receive a different due date (the next day, same 11:59 p.m. deadline). 

I used to then delete this block of "extension" students to eradicate the "Multiple Due Dates" subtitle under the assignment. Now when I delete this block it marks the students' assignment who were granted an extension as "Late".

So far, the only way to remedy this is leave the "Multiple Due Dates" or change the original Due date for "Everyone" to the 24 hours later date-- which is confusing to those who met the original deadline.

Any means to delete the "Multiple Due Date" block of students without them being marked as "Late" (because they are not, since they were approved an extension?).  Is this "Late" label "new"?

I appreciate any feedback; I would like to keep my extension policy without having to track students on paper.